The Northern Suburbs Social Enterprise currently consists A Peace of the Garden - our veggie bag scheme, The Work Cleaning Service, and our Peace Garden. 

Cleaning Service

Our general house cleaning service consists of; vacuum of all floors, wiping down of all surfaces including sinks, bench tops, stove tops, etc., dusting, mopping, cleaning of bathrooms and toilets, and cobweb removal.
We can also negotiate extra work such as cleaning walls, inside windows, ovens, and ironing.
Please give us a call to see how we can help you.
You can download our flyer Here.

Peace Garden

Our Peace Garden is not currently operable as we are designing and developing the garden at our Newnham site.

The Northern Suburb Community Centre also sells fresh and locally produced seasonal Veggie Bags to the local community.
For any more information please give us a call.

We also have our community garden at our Mowbray venue. 


Working alongside our team leaders, volunteers help us keep our costs low while gaining experience in a workplace. We need and welcome all volunteers if you are interested in helping out our community give us a call to find out how you can help.
Volunteers are welcome in more areas other than our Social Enterprise.
Download our volunteer flyer here.